Welcome to Shame City!

I'm Isaac and I like podcasts.

In 2017, I started That's a Shame with my friend and collaborator Declan. It went okay! Back then, this was just the website for that show (hence the name), but today it's kind of its own thing.

The fact that everyone has a podcast is kind of a meme at this point, but I think it's largely a good thing. Podcasting is a fun hobby, a good creative outlet, and a great way of making real connections with people who share your interests.

So I decided to make Shame City into a kind of podcast studio. We currently produce three in-house shows (with more coming soon), but I'm also keen to help people bring their own projects to life!


How We Can Help

If you want to make a podcast, you should! It's never been easier, cheaper, and more accessible to a wider audience than is the case today.

We aren't experts, but we can offer help and advice with hosting, branding, the recording process, equipment, and even make music for your show.

If you'd like some free advice on any aspect of getting a show going, if you'd like to pitch a project to the network, or if you just want to say hi, get in touch below!

Dear Shame City,