Episode 162 - Flesh Cog

Episode 162 – Flesh Cogs

ThatsAShame Episodes

In which Declan introduces the world to Wayne, Isaac makes sordid use of onomatopoeia, and both get off on some sordid fiction.

Episode 161 - That's a Shame

Episode 161 – A New Decade

ThatsAShame Episodes

In which Declan is single-handedly guilty of losing Hendon, Isaac is obsessed with “gravy”, and both are back in town.

Episode 160 - That's a Shame

Episode 160 – Travelling Toothsman

ThatsAShame Episodes

In which Declan is press-ganged into illegal dentistry by a party member, Isaac finds himself (once again) compared to The Lord, and both explore the highs and lows of electioneering.

Halloween Spooktacular 2019 - That's a Shame

Halloween Spooktacular 2019

ThatsAShame Episodes

In which Declan warns against spectral spendthriftery, Isaac explores unlikely romance, and both ooze forth the putrid dribblings of Halloween 2019 for your belated aural delight.

Episode 159 - That's a Shame

Episode 159 – Ghost Injection

ThatsAShame Episodes

In which Declan has a surprise under the sofa, Isaac is pushing for racial representation in Hollywood, and both are keen to revive a once proud and spooky Art.

Episode 158 - That's a Shame

Episode 158 – Of Burning Babbis

ThatsAShame Episodes

In WITCH Declan reveals his ties to a certain burner of babbis, Isaac’s whale-tracking alter ego is unveiled, and both try to convey just some of the horrors known to have walked among us… and who may do so to this day.

Episode 157 - That's a Shame

Episode 157 – Dirt Tube

ThatsAShame Episodes

In which Declan is doing as well as can be expected, Isaac has ordered a blasphemously large piece of tech, and both try to ascertain whether or not the wonder of Halloween is as guilt-free as it seems.

Episode 156 - That's a Shame

Episode 156 – A New Home

ThatsAShame Episodes

In which Declan’s dickin’ down bedwards, Isaac’s a-sucklin’ at the Anti-Vegan teat, and both make something approaching a triumphant return from a new location.

Episode 155 - That's a Shame

Episode 155 – Labour Pains

ThatsAShame Episodes

In which Declan switches topics with seamless efficiency, Isaac claims to have genetically engineered a luminous aquatic beast, and both are motivated by a powerful enthusiasm hitherto unheard of.

Episode 154 - That's a Shame

Episode 154 – Just Jeremy

ThatsAShame Episodes

In which Declan is press-ganged into taking on a new identity, Isaac confesses to a history of trolling, and both take a closer look at the tragic fate of Jeremy Renner Official.

Episode 153 - That's a Shame

Episode 153 – School Rules

ThatsAShame Episodes

In which Declan buys Ice Cream from the Mafia, Isaac introduces a new member to the TaS family, and both are fully back in business after the totally traditional summer hiatus.