Oh Man, Those Eyes

Declan Dillane Episodes

Sometimes it’s hard to concentrate, because He is always there with me. Not in a creepy way, I should say. People always assume that’s what I mean, and I get it. Looking at him, looking at him with no context that is, you’d be forgiven for thinking some pretty unflattering stuff. He’s old-looking, and He always has been, that’s the weird part. Nobody really knows what He looked like when He was young, and I can’t even picture it, even …

Heartbreaking: Girlfriend’s Boring Film Turns Out to Be First Episode of Mini-Series

Declan Dillane Episodes

COLINDALE, London — A local man’s week has been turned upside-down by the revelation that the boring movie his girlfriend is watching is actually just the first episode of an extended mini-series.  James Hunter, 26, was reportedly “devastated” by the realisation, adding that his entire week had been upturned by the news. James had made plans to use the living room TV that very afternoon, but has since had to abandon any hope of that, with the screen now sure …

Episode 168 - That's a Shame

Episode 168 – Tales From the Fly Nozzle

ThatsAShame Episodes

In which Declan has flexed his writing muscles, Isaac takes us on a tour of the world’s greatest corrugated-iron based accommodation, and both get surprisingly genuine towards the end.

Episode 167 - That's a Shame

Episode 167 – Blame It on My Juice

ThatsAShame Episodes

In which Declan goes on a journey of self-discovery, Isaac has wrenched some slime-covered content from the swamps of the Imagiporium TM, and both make sure the listenership know exactly how free this content is.

Episode 166 - That's a Shame

Episode 166 – Satisfying Leaders

ThatsAShame Episodes

In which Declan wants to cuck a prudish pilot, Isaac wants his friends’ heads digitally spliced onto his cyber corpse, and both scrape the bottom of The Content Barrel.

Episode 165 - That's a Shame

Episode 165 – Spewing Ardour

ThatsAShame Episodes

In which Declan has been letting the juices flow, Isaac confesses to another love, and both navigate the choppy waters of romance this Valentine‘s.

Episode 164 - That's a Shame

Episode 164 – Tap Trouble

ThatsAShame Episodes

In which Declan discovers his super-heroic destiny, Isaac chats a lot about something called a Cum-Tap, and both try to avoid mentioning the Oscars.

Episode 163 - That's a Shame

Episode 163 – The Real Grustle

ThatsAShame Episodes

In which Declan brings along some OC clickbait, Isaac learns about the true flexibility of toast, and both get schooled in the humble Art of Grustling.

Episode 162 - Flesh Cog

Episode 162 – Flesh Cogs

ThatsAShame Episodes

In which Declan introduces the world to Wayne, Isaac makes sordid use of onomatopoeia, and both get off on some sordid fiction.

Episode 161 - That's a Shame

Episode 161 – A New Decade

ThatsAShame Episodes

In which Declan is single-handedly guilty of losing Hendon, Isaac is obsessed with “gravy”, and both are back in town.

Episode 160 - That's a Shame

Episode 160 – Travelling Toothsman

ThatsAShame Episodes

In which Declan is press-ganged into illegal dentistry by a party member, Isaac finds himself (once again) compared to The Lord, and both explore the highs and lows of electioneering.