Episode 180 - That's a Shame

180 – Digital Fright Night

ThatsAShame Episodes

In which Declan imagines a man in wolf’s clothing, Isaac reminisces about a history enthusiast, and both put on one hell of frightful fest for your discerning ears.

Episode 178 - That's a Shame

178 – The Spooken Word

ThatsAShame Episodes

In which Declan reads from The Canon, Isaac is enthralled by some ancient verse, and both launch a scheduled month of spectacularly spooky content.

Episode 177 - That's a Shame

177 – Just Do Stuff! (Part 2)

ThatsAShame Episodes

In which Isaac flexes his literary muscles, Declan is being press-ganged into reading some more horror, and both are finally able to wash their hands of the inimitable Mr B Honey.

Episode 176 - That's a Shame

176 – Masked-Up Morris

ThatsAShame Episodes

In which Declan’s girlfriend found a pamphlet, Isaac read it, and both take a strong stance against British fascists and folk dancers.

Episode 175 - That's a Shame

175 – Out of Body

ThatsAShame Episodes

In which Declan has been reading some blogs, Isaac wants to know how long his cord is, and both learn just how sexy ghosts can be.

Episode 174 - That's a Shame

174 – The Sins of Shigeru

ThatsAShame Episodes

In which Declan finally gets to reverse the oppressive power dynamic of the show, Isaac is forced to reflect on his misdeeds, and both look back on several decades of the world’s most beloved games.

That's a Shame Episode 173

173 – Delcquest!

ThatsAShame Episodes

In which Declan becomes Delcan, Isaac rolls a very convenient die, and both re-enter the Imagiporium, though with slightly different levels of enthusiasm.

That's a Shame Episode 172

172 – Just Do Stuff! (Part 1)

ThatsAShame Episodes

In which Declan has done some official research, Isaac hears all his favourite topics, and both return to an entirely temporally relevant cultural artefact!

Episode 171 - That's a Shame

171 – It’s Season 2 Now!

ThatsAShame Episodes

In which Declan brings some Real News, Isaac recalls a little mouse full of teeth, and both explain the Totally Revamped show you’re listening to.

That's a Shame - Make Mine Mona

170 – Make Mine Mona

ThatsAShame Episodes

In which Declan has brought a TaS classic, Isaac expands his personal brand, and both celebrate the prospect of another fine voyage aboard the Good Ship Shame.