Episode 147 - That's a Shame

Episode 147 – Potterless

ThatsAShame Episodes

In witch Declan deals with some anti-phoenix bias, Isaac has been reading the Christian Dark Web, and both hobble through the swamp of people who aren’t exactly fans of the world’s most famous wizard (not Merlin).

Episoder 146 - That's a Shame

Episode 146 – Gaten Inc.

ThatsAShame Episodes

In which Declan is the subject of a fun new documentary, Isaac reads from the Sacred Texts, and both dig to the nadir and keep on digging.

Episode 145 - That's a Shame

Episode 145 – Stand-Up Catch-Up

ThatsAShame Episodes

In which Declan reverses the core dynamic of the show, Isaac is encouraged to buy a watch, and both revisit a topic from the Halcyon days of TaS.

Episode 143 - That's a Shame

Episode 143 – The Imagiporium

ThatsAShame Episodes

In which Declan tried desperately to warn you all, Isaac is veritably drowning in instruments, and both explore the sordid, rancid, turgid underbelly of the so-called Imagiporium.

Episode 141 - That's a Shame

Episode 141 – Dolly Mixture

ThatsAShame Episodes

In which Declan has curated a real cavalcade of horrors, Isaac manages to control his gag-reflex, and both sink deep into the mire in a desperate quest for weekly content.

Episode 140 - That's a Shame

Episode 140 – The 2nd Shameiversary

ThatsAShame Episodes

In which Declan is exposed as the artistically bankrupt fraud that he is, Isaac defends a frankly obscene obsession with auditory body horror, and both celebrate entering the third year of Shame.

Episode 139 - That's a Shame

Episode 139 – Backwards Shoes

ThatsAShame Episodes

In which Declan is called a cretin, Isaac is called a goblin, and both finally see the Face of God in the form of The Quadraxus Conclusion.

Episode 137 - That's a Shame

Episode 137 – Let’s Get Lateral

ThatsAShame Episodes

In which Declan tries his hand at being a regular Jonathan P. Uzzle, Isaac must come to terms with his own intellectual limits, and both are very sorry for missing a week (pls forgive).

Episode 136 - That's a Shame

Episode 136 – A Cup Too Far

ThatsAShame Episodes

In which Declan relieves himself on a doorstep, Isaac’s back at some teat or another, and both put their fates in the mercurial hands of the cup.