Episode 128 - That's a Shame

Episode 128 – Zola’s Killer Kupboard

ThatsAShame Episodes

In which Declan dispenses writing advice, Isaac relives televisual trauma, and both engage in an impromptu but spirited discussion about Belgium’s favourite fictional export.

Episode 125 - That's a Shame

Episode 125 – Pretentious Vanity

ThatsAShame Episodes

In which Declan has been delving into the realms of questionable internet literature once more, Isaac continues to suffer at the hands of his kidneys, and both are left aghast by a particularly crude yet poetic horror.

Episode 124 - That's a Shame

Episode 124 – On Content

ThatsAShame Episodes

In which Declan’s brought along the TaS Cups of Content, Isaac finds a potential new flatmate, and both dedicate an entire episode to their friend and SuperCont, the inimitable Toby ‘Milestones’ King.

Episode 123 - That's a Shame

Episode 123 – Ratchet & Tank

ThatsAShame Episodes

In which Declan takes order into his own hands, Isaac’s kidneys are back on track, and both chart a course through the rough waters of 2018’s Bad Sex in Fiction awards.

Episode 121 - That's a Shame

Episode 121 – Dirt Harvest

ThatsAShame Episodes

In which Declan details the lives of his lovers, Isaac fears the Reaper’s proximity, and both learn of a terrifying new hack which promises to harvest a solid dirt on all of us.

Episode 120 - That's a Shame

Episode 120 – Shamksgiving 2018

ThatsAShame Episodes

In which Isaac despises a much-beloved artist, Declan loves a much-despised subreddit, and both give more thanks than you could shake a barely-basted Barbie at.

Episode 119 - That's a Shame

Episode 119 – Missed Connections

ThatsAShame Episodes

In which Declan discusses a friend’s near-miss, Isaac is due superpowers any minute now, and both explore the tragic underworld of sliding doors, and romance lost.

Episode 118 - That's a Shame

Episode 118 – Big Bad Bono

ThatsAShame Episodes

In which Declan dabs on Dowdy, Isaac investigates The Fecal Fantom, and both make a plea for support against the onslaught of threat-mail.

Episode 117 - That's a Shame

Episode 117 – Remembrance

ThatsAShame Episodes

In which Declan is become Robuts, Isaac reveals his fear of remembering, and both launch an all-out attack on the troops.