Uncle Elbam

3 Ways To Tell Uncle Elbam’s Coming Over

Isaac BD Opinion

Picture the scene. You’re home alone, minding your own business, when suddenly Uncle Elbam’s at the door and wants to play the Feather Game? Ugh. Emotional labour much? We’ve all been there, and most of us wish we hadn’t! Elbam’s not likely to stop his unannounced visits any time soon, so here are 3 helpful hints which will give you the jump on Uncle’s mischief. 1. The Birds Stop Their Sweet Singing   Uncle Elbam can’t stand for the happy …


5 Times My Animal Crossing Villager Ran Up To Me To Talk About Fracking

Isaac BD Opinion

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a game which has been making headlines the world over. It’s fair to say Nintendo knocked it out of the park with this cheerful life-sim set on a desert island in which you can live any kind of life you want to and spend time hanging out with quirky animal friends. Although most of the cute animal villagers mostly enjoy talking about island activities, Hamlet, a fit and sporty hamster, often seems to have other …